Manage BitLocker for CMG connected devices using Technical preview 2010.2

Microsoft released Configuration Manager technical preview version 2010.2 which is 2nd release for Oct 2020. These Technical previews released every month for testing, explore new and improved features and provide feedback in case of any issues.

This Technical previews brings the following new and improved features.

Tenant attach: Troubleshooting portal lists a user’s devices based on usage

Tenant attach: Create and deploy firewall policies

Enhancements to applications in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin Center

Manage BitLocker policies and escrow recovery keys over a cloud management gateway (CMG)

Improvements to deploy an OS over CMG using boot media

Desktop Analytics support for new Windows 10 data level

Immediate distribution point fallback for clients downloading software update delta content

Disable Azure AD authentication for onboarded tenants

Additional options when creating app registrations in Azure Active Directory

Validate internet access for the service connection point

Improvements to the administration service

For more information about the features

You can install this Technical preview from the console, updates and servicing node.

If you want to setup Technical Preview lab, please refer


if you don't see the update, click on check for updates, monitor the log dmpdownloader.log


When the update is downloaded, you will see it in the console ‘ready to install’


Right click on the update and install it, after a while and if the installation is success, you will see warning to install new console version.



Site version:5.00.9039.1000

Client Version:5.00.9039.1000

Once the site is upgraded, you also need to upgrade the clients to the latest version to support the client features.

How do we get the Bitlocker supported for clients that are connected to CMG?

If you already have working Bitlocker policies created, make sure that, you have got the remote client upgraded to the latest client of the tech preview build and deploy the Bitlocker policies to internet based client.

There is no change to the setup process of Bitlocker management and it works with your existing configuration.


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