How to hide notification previews for teams and outlook mobile using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

we had a requirement to hide the notification previews for teams and also outlook when there is any mail or conversation that happens on mobile devices due to security reasons.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) app protection policies has setting for admins to be able to block organizational data from appearing in Teams mobile notifications (e.g. message preview, channel, or sender name) on both iOS and Android end-user lock screens using the Intune Application Protection Policy (APP).

This will allow you to specify how org data is shared via OS notifications for org accounts.

In your intune app protection policies, edit the policy, under data protection, there is setting called ‘Org data notifications’ which is by default configured to ‘Allow’.


You are allowed to configured the following values:

  • Block: Do not share notifications.
    • If not supported by the application, notifications will be allowed.
  • Block org data: Do not share org data in notifications. For example, "You have new mail"; "You have a meeting".
    • If not supported by the application, notifications will be blocked.
  • Allow: Shares org data in the notifications

This policy used to support only for outlook mobile devices but now from Sep 29, 2020, this is being supported for Teams mobile devices as well.

You need to revalidate the intune app protection policies that are configured and applied to outlook/teams for this setting.

For this feature to be effective on the mobile devices, the teams iOS must be on and above v. 2.0.22 and Android on and above v.

For more information about Intune App protection policies, please refer

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