Guest users unable to access the power BI reports ,report stuck at loading

The other day, I have shared a Power BI report to an external user who is a guest in my office 365 tenant.

When you try to share a Power BI report, you get options such as notify users through email, etc.

I did select the notify email option to the user who is the guest.

When the user receives an email, there will be a power BI URL to access the report, clicking on the URL will perform authentication and once this is done, the Power BI report should run but in the user case, the power Bi report stuck at loading for quite a long period.

The user has tried the power BI URL in IE, google chrome, edge chromium and user has the same experience with all the browsers.

Following is the end-user experience.

How to fix this issue?

Well, this is a known issue and Microsoft is looking into it. I have no details on the ETA.

So, is there any workaround while this is fixed at the product level?

The workaround for the guest user is to access the Power BI tenant URL and then browse to the shared power BI report.

How to get the power BI tenant URL?

Log in to the Power BI URL (by internal user), on the right side, click on the download icon.

Select about Power BI

Copy the Tenant URL.

Send it to the guest user to login.

When the guest user login to the tenant URL, they see the list of all Power BI reports that are shared with the user.

While this is fixed at the product level, you can send the instructions to the user to access the Power BI tenant URL first and then brwose to the reports rather using the default URL that is send by the system.

I hope it helps you.

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