Failed to install Configmgr Client- The client version does not match the MP version The client will not be installed

I was recently troubleshooting the sccm client installation issue on a server that was configured as a distribution point.

Installation of client The client installation setup and process is very simple and straight forward unless you hit issues like this.

When I started looking at the client installation log( ccmsetup.log), I saw the below information in the log.

The client version 5.00.8913.1000 (build 2002) does not match the MP version 5.00.8790.1000 (Build 1910). The client cannot be installed.

ccmsetup failed with error code 0x80004005


The above error code says, there is a management point installed on the server which is not matching the client version that you are trying to install.

Management point and client shared the same binaries for it to operate hence the client version must match.

So, I started looking at the SCCM site system roles and its configured with the role of DP ONLY and no other roles are configured.

But from the IIS and registry, I can see that, there are some entries about Management point as you can see below.


So the question is, where did this management point install from?

I have reached out to the customer and got to know the following information:

The DP server that is having the issue was earlier configured as Management point and distribution and attached to Site P01 (old SCCM).

The customer had planned to install a new sccm site (PS1) and re-use the remote site that was having an issue now as DP for the new site.

The customer had uninstalled the MP and DP roles from the old site but for some reason, the uninstallation of DP or MP could not complete successfully, and later the problem server was installed with DP role from new SCCM site (PS1).

and the old SCCM site (P01) was decommissioned.

We now know the background of the issue and we will see how to fix this issue.

I have tried uninstalling the client completely using ccmsetup.exe /uninstall and also used ccmclean.exe but I could not able to get it working.

When you install configuration manager client, it creates a namespace called Root\CCM and it holds the configuration and policies that govern the operation of the ConfigMgr client and also management point (if the role is installed).

On a device that has the client installed and also MP installed, there will be a wmi instance created inside the namespace root\ccm called CCM_InstalledProduct

There will be 2 MSI products listed inside the WM, 1 for configmgr client, and other one for MP role.


when we try ccmsetup.exe /uninstall, it does the removal of only 1 product that is for configuration manager client but the 2nd product remains there and hence the issue.

To uninstall the management point completely along with configuration manager client (if installed), use the following vb script.

'Uninstall configmgr client and MP if exists
On Error Resume Next
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
'First, find the GUID
strComputer = "."
Set wmiService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\ccm")
Set wmiObjs = wmiService.InstancesOf("CCM_InstalledProduct")
For Each wmiObj In wmiObjs
     cmdLine = "msiexec /x " & wmiObj.ProductCode
     WScript.Echo cmdLine
     WshShell.Run cmdLine

save the script as removeMP.vbs and run it on the problem server using administrative rights.


After the script run successfully, a reboot will be prompted (mandatory).

Reboot the server and install the configuration manager client. This time it installed successfully and able to communicate with new sccm site (PS1).

Hope this helps!

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  1. I've been fighting this for quite some time now - this post fixed my distribution point and client is successfully installed now. Thank you so much!


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