Configuration Manager Technical preview 2005 is released- bunch of cloud integration features

Microsoft released Technical preview 2005 for May 2020. This preview release contain lots of tenant attached features along with some cloud management gateway as well.

This preview version is available only via in-console update. If you want to build a new lab, you need to download the baseline version of tech preview 2002 and then update to 2005. For more information about Technical preview, please read here

I just updated my lab to technical preview 2005 to explore the new tenant attach features.


Technical preview 2005:


Top features:

  1. A task sequence launched from boot media or PXE can retrieve content from cloud based sources:Starting in this release, when a task sequence is started from boot media or PXE, if the client is in a boundary group associated with a cloud distribution point or content enabled CMG the task sequence can download content from the cloud based sources.
  2. Client install and upgrade on metered connection:Client installation and upgrades can be configured to occur on devices connected to metered networks.
  3. Disk encryption options when enabling BitLocker in a task sequence:An admin is now able to select disk encryption level on the "Pre-provision BitLocker" and "Enable BitLocker" task sequence steps.
  4. Improvements to cloud management gateway cmdlets
  5. Improvements to the content library cleanup tool
  6. Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant attach:CMPivot real-time queries from Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  7. Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant attach:Device timeline in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  8. Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant attach:Install an application for an uploaded device: An admin can now initiate an application install in real-time for a tenant attached device via the admin center.
  9. Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant attach, Run Scripts from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center:Initiate PowerShell scripts in real-time from the cloud against an individual ConfigMgr managed device and see the script output and status back to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  10. Notification for expiration of Azure Active Directory application secret key:You will now be warned with a console notification when the Azure Active Directory application secret key is close to expiring or is expired. This enables administrators to renew the key and prevent impact to cloud attached features.
  11. Report setup and upgrade failures to Microsoft:If the setup or update process fails to complete successfully, you can now report the error directly to Microsoft. In the event of a failure, there is a "Report update error to Microsoft" button that walks through an interactive wizard allowing you to provide more information to Microsoft. In Technical Previews, this button is always enabled even when setup completes successfully.
  12. VPN boundary type:You can now create a new boundary type to simplify managing VPN clients. All clients that connect through a VPN automatically belong to boundary group(s) associated with this new boundary type.

For full features list and description,please read

In the next few blog post, i will discuss about the tenant attach and cloud features.

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