Authorization error when attempting to download Windows Store for Business application inventory – ConfigMgr

The Microsoft Store for Business (wsfb) is where you find and acquire Windows apps for your organization. When you connect the store to Configuration Manager, you then synchronize the list of apps you've acquired. View these apps in the Configuration Manager console, and deploy them like you deploy any other app.

More information about Microsoft Store for Business, please read here

Our users were trying to install some apps from the Microsoft store. when users try to install the apps from the store, it failed because of proxy issues. Microsoft Store on Windows 10 sign-in page goes through and is blocked for security reasons.

So, we have to look for an alternative to deploy store apps for our users and we decided to integrate MSFB with the configuration manager and make full use of features that msfb provide.

Follow the guide here to Integrate Microsoft store for business with Configuration Manager.

How to integrate windows store for business with system center configuration manager ?

Login to console and browse to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Azure Services

Click on configure azure services and follow the steps given in the screenshots below.

image        image      image 

 image     image     image    image

After the configuration of azure services for wsfb, wsfb failed to download Windows Store for Business application inventory.

Error code from the log WsfbSyncWorker.log located in your configuration manager setup folder.

Exception: [Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CloudBase.CMHttpRequestException: Unsuccessful response when content result expected for request.

Error occurred making HTTP request calling 'GET' method on '': (Unauthorized) 'Unauthorized'.

at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.CloudBase.SmsHttpClient.<GetStringFromHttpResponseMessageAsync>d__35.MoveNext()

--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---

What it means is, The azure web application that you created during the wsfb wizard does not have access to download the wsfb inventory.

In order to fix this, we will need to configure a tool to synchronize your Microsoft Store for Business inventory.

Login to with an admin account.

Click on settings, distribute

Click on add management tool

In the search, type the azure web app name that you created during the integration of wsfb in Configuration Manager.

Click add

Now we have given the permissions to the Azure web app to download the inventory.

When you add the tool, the status is in inactive, Click on Activate

The status is now changed to active and action changed to deactivate.

We will now go back to Configuration Manager console and perform sync from Microsoft Store for Business.

Monitor the log WsfbSyncWorker.log for sync status.

Soon after the sync successful, you will see the apps appear in the software library: \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\License Information for Store Apps


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