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    1. Why do you need to run batch file ? you can create a simple batch script with "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Workplace Join\autworkplace.exe /i" to run it


  1. Hi Eswar,
    Congratulations for your post.
    All your tips helped me a lot!
    I just have a doubt about all the process.
    What happens with some devices that associate a user and the other do not associate any user.
    It's possible to see it this image in your tutorial:

    If i'm using an compliance police associate with the user name and some condicional access rule, it will doesn't work because of it.
    What I can do to solve this issue ?

    Thanks again for your tutorial!!!!

    1. Hi Paulo,
      Thank you and glad it helped you. For windows 7, user (Owner) must be associated with the computer else hybrid azure AD join will not allow .For windows 10 ,it will not show the user name that are hybrid Azure AD Join which is limitation i believe but as long as the device shows in hybrid azure AD join then it must work .
      if you have conditional access policies assigned to user , device must qualify before it can access office 365 resources . If user have any issues then you must run the device compliance reports identify what is the issue.



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