Office 365 Reports Show anonymous IDs instead of names in all reports or Power BI content pack


The other day ,i was looking at Activity Reports in the Office 365 admin center. Office 365 admin center provide you the usage report for multiple products like email,onedrive,SharePoint,teams ,office activations etc. Using these reports, we can identify how good ,office 365 is being used by users and also help you to plan for more user training to bring these tools in more collaborative way. For more information about office 365 reports in admin center ,please visit



While i was looking at the office proplus activations ,the count was doing down and new proplus installations and activations never get update in the report even though the data get updated every 36-72 hours.

Due to the activation count issue ,i need to work with Microsoft to validate the report and troubleshoot on the backend system .

As part of troubleshooting ,they have requested to share the reports from the usage to validate or perform some check on their end .To send office 365 reports, i need to hide the identify of users and show anonymous users names .

How to show anonymous user names instead of actual user names:

  1. Go to (If you get the message "You don’t have permission to access this page or perform this action" then you aren't an Office 365 admin.).
  2. Go to Settings, Services & Add-ins, and then Reports.


3. Disable (ON) the Display anonymous identifiers instead of names in all reports setting and click Save.


Now when you export the usage reports ,user information will be show with some random GUID’s .

When you are done with the reports ,don't forget to revert the change else your internal users who would like to see the actual names will have issues.

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