How to change Power Management settings using Configmgr Compliance settings

I had request to disable the setting ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ in power management settings on network adaptor.


From the screenshot above,there are 3 settings that will help for wake on Lan .All these settings information stored in client WMI. we want to uncheck the first option (Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ ) by leaving the rest of the 2 controls as it is.

In this blog post ,we will see how to change the power management settings on client using configuration manager compliance settings.

Before i go into compliance settings, i will provide you the WMI class and instance that store the information about power management settings ,so we can make use of these options in compliance settings

1. Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power , wmi class: root\wmi , instance:MSPower_DeviceEnable , property:Enable
2. Allow this device to wake the computer ,wmi class:root\wmi  , instance: MSPower_DeviceWakeEnable , property:Enable
3.Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer ,wmi class:root\wmi  , instance: MSNdis_DeviceWakeOnMagicPacketOnly, property:Enable

After you have the information about wmi ,it is easy to create configuration item and configuration baseline.

Create configuration item with name: Disable ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ ,leave the default settings ,click next,choose the operating system that you want to deploy this setting

Under settings, create new with following information:

Name:MSPower_DeviceEnable ,Setting Tpe: WQL Query ,Data Type: Boolean , wmi class: root\wmi , instance:MSPower_DeviceEnable , property:Enable ,WQL Query: InstanceName like 'PCI%'


For other 2 settings ,all you  need is ,change the class with information given above in point 2 and 3.

Click on Compliance Rule ,click New ,follow the below settings.

For other 2 settings point 2 and 3 ,you can either set to True or False as per your needs.


Click ok

We now created configuration item and ready to create configuration baseline and deploy to Device Collection.

When you deploy the configuration baseline, make sure you choose the following setting to remediate (Allow remediation outside maintenance window is upto you ,you can either for maintenance window or ignore the window and remediate the setting)


End user results:

This method will disable/enable the setting on all the NIC cards like LAN and WIFI .


Hope it helps!

6 Responses to "How to change Power Management settings using Configmgr Compliance settings"

  1. The Enable property for the class MSNdis_DeviceWakeOnMagicPacketOnly is incorrect on Windows 10 - the property is EnableWakeOnMagicPacketOnly

  2. Hi I am trying this with Windows 10 but I am getting and "invalid class error 80041010" in the report after I evaluate the baseline configuration. RPC server is running, remote assistance is enabled, network file share is enabled not sure those are even relevant but I was getting a RPC error when trying to verify that WMI was working remotely. If I remote to the machine and run the wmimanagment tool the property tab for the test machine come up properly. It just doesn't work remotely not sure if that matters with the sccm client.

    Basically I just trying to disable power management so the machine available on the network, which is what I thought your config item would do.

    any thoughts?

  3. Hello! We found this article a while back, and while the configuration does for sure untick the box you are talking about unticking the box breaks wake on LAN. Our testing suggests you want it checked for devices wired to the network you want to be able to remotely wake up. You'll also want the other two boxes checked, as well.

    1. Hi AL,
      It depends on what you need . I just showed the way to uptick the box using SCCM Configmgr baseline and if doing that causing issues to your network ,you can leave it as it is .



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