SCCM Configmgr Powershell script to remove the Maintenance Window on list of collections


Maintenance windows in SCCM Configmgr enable you to define a time when SCCM operations can be carried out on members of a device collection. These maintenance windows are helpful to ensure that client configuration changes occur during periods that do not affect the productivity of the organization. More information about  Maintenance windows refer

I had requirement to remove all Maintenance windows that are set on list of collections .Removing the Maintenance windows for each collection would be tedious task. Right click on collection ,select maintenance window and delete the Maintenance window.

Note:Removing the Maintenance windows allow to install deployments that are pushed to collections.

In this blog post, we will see how powershell can do this task in seconds for any number of collections that you pipe into txt file.

All you need is ,get the list of Collection IDs and supply it to text file ,run the script.

This script will not output any results to log file saying what is the existing Maintenance window and what is deleted. If you want ,you can customize the script to log the output.

This script uses 2 basic powershell cmdlets available in configuration manager module which are

Get-CMMaintenanceWindow Gets the maintenance windows for a collection

Remove-CMMaintenanceWindow Removes a maintenance window associated with a collection


Download the powershell script from Technet Gallary ,supply the list of collection IDs ,run the script.

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