Power BI for Microsoft Intune

I have got  my standalone Intune setup with few devices enrolled . In this post, i will go through the reporting feature using  using Power BI to connect to Intune to load data and generate reports dynamically.

These reports will help us to analyse the users who are enrolling the devices for license purchases ,to see the OS manufactures ,compliance status ,updates etc.

Before we proceed further ,first download the Power BI Desktop using link https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/


Power BI Desktop file is about 140MB ,once it is downloaded ,run the setup file with default options.


Start the Power BI


Click on Get Data






To get odata feed URL ,you need to login to https://portal.azure.com and search for Intune ,click on Intune ,you will find Intune data Warehouse on the right-side ,click on it


Copy the Tenant URL under use third-party reporting services


while you are on this page ,download the power BI file (intune data warehouse) which has basic set of custom reports to get started https://github.com/Microsoft/Intune-Data-Warehouse/blob/master/Samples/PowerBI/Intune%20Data%20Warehouse%20Report%20(AMSUC0301).pbix?raw=true (this URL is from above link ,might change)

Put the URL into Power BI Odata URL and click Ok


It will load with few options to select the level to apply these settings ,i choose the default one that it load automatically


Click on connect


If it ask for authentication ,go to Organizational account and click on sign in.

The user account that you try to login must have power BI license which can be assigned to your user account in Azure portal .




Once you login ,you will see page below and click on connect



From the navigator, select the options that you be interested to see the data for and click on load . Please be sure the fields that you want. If you choose all tables ,it might take longer to get the data loaded into the file.




For me ,it took approximately 2 min to load the data (i have only few devices enrolled).

We have now the data loaded and we should be able to generate the reports dynamically however we want.


Now ,lets try to download the some sample power BI (pbix)  files and load into the power BI using https://github.com/Microsoft/Intune-Data-Warehouse/blob/master/Samples/PowerBI/Intune%20Data%20Warehouse%20Report%20(AMSUC0301).pbix?raw=true

Go to file and open report that you downloaded using above URL.

Once you are imported ,click on apply changes to load your intune data into the imported power BI file  which takes time to load all the tables .


I have few error while loading the data and that is related to memory (less RAM) due to resource constraint ,but after closing other applications ,i can successfully import the data.



Once the data is loaded fully ,You can click on the pie charts to know its data .

you will see different tabs at the bottom of power BI tool like Devices,Enrollment,App protection policy,Compliance policy,Device configuration profiles,Software updates,Device inventory logs.

These tabs comes from the file that we imported. You can also created/customize pie charts and save the file as  pbix file which can be shared to others.

For each tab have filters which can be changed depends on the requirements like i want to know the devices that are enrolled between specific dates ,last contacted date and based on manufacturer etc.

All these filters can be applied in each tab in this report.





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