Configmgr Client push installation install the client software from specified site is blank

This is quick blog post to address the issue of blank site in the installation options while installing SCCM Client software using client push installation method.

In SCCM 2012 and above ,you have RBAC (Role based administration access) to secure the access that is needed to administer Configuration Manager. You also secure access to the objects that you manage, like collections, deployments, and sites. For more information about RBAC ,please read  and

Coming to the subject line ,We have created security scopes and security roles for different LBU’s with required permissions limiting to their country collections (Note: we have removed the default security scope from user/group permissions ).

when the LBU (local business unit) team try to perform the client installation using client push ,they do not see option to choose the site to install the client software . Allowing this will install the client software from specified site server.


This happens because user do not have access to view/read the site (it could be primary or secondary site).

To fix this ,you need to add the security scope that you assigned to user/group in primary/secondary site .

Go to administration—site configuration sites ,right click on Primary or secondary site that you want users to select ,click on set security scopes


choose from the available security scopes


Click ok ,now users should be able to choose the site to install client software from.



Hope it helps!

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