SCCM Configmgr powershell to install Distribution Point role on multiple computers

Installing the distribution point on workstation or server is straight forward method from console .All you need is ,an account that has local admin rights on remote computer to install IIS components and install DP role.

To install Distribution point role on remote computer, Open configuration manager ,go to administration node, expand site configuration ,right click on servers and site system role ,choose create site system server and from there ,all self explained.

Installing DP role on 1 or 2 computers can be done using the console GUI ,but what if you have more than 10 or 50 or 100 computers to install DP ? can you do that manually from the console or use scripting to be done in few min ?

I recently installed DP role on 100+ workstations across the ASIA region and these 100+ distribution points are tagged under different secondary sites.

In this post, we will walk through the powershell script to install DP role on N number of computers and pipe the result into log file for reference.

Script does few things listed below:

1. It will read the CSV file for computer name,description and site code to which the DP need to be tagged under.

2.Check if the supplied computer name exist in Active directory or not ,if it is not ,pipe the output into log.

3.If the computer exist in AD ,check if DP role already installed or not ,if installed ,pipe the output into log.

4.If DP role not installed ,run the script to initiate the DP role  installation and pipe the output into log.

Note:The script do not check if the remote computer is online ,offline or issue with firewall ports as these are basic requirements before you run the script. Also script do not create any boundary groups ,no proxy configured.  This script will install DP Role using site server computer account (make sure your SCCM server account is member of local admin group on all remote computers).

To install DP role, i have used 2 basic commands which are New-CMSiteSystemServer and Add-CMDistributionPoint . To know more about these command and examples ,refer or from the powershell command, you can run get-help New-CMSiteSystemServer

If you want to install DP role using service account instead of using site server account ,you can do so by editing the script .

Download the script from Technet Gallary ,extract the content to folder ,edit the dpcomputers.csv to pipe computer name,description and Tsitecode (target sitecode) that you want to tag the DP .

CSV file format:




Hope it helps.

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