SCCM Configmgr Technical Preview update 1701 available

Microsoft released first update 1701 for SCCM Configmgr Technical Branch in the new year 2017 with some new features and improvements to the existing features that are reported through user voice  .

These technical preview updates will help you to test in lab environment and report feedback to Microsoft before they make into current Branch (Production Version). You can install this version to update and add new capabilities to your Configuration Manager technical preview site.

To see these preview updates in your Configmgr console,you must have the base version of SCCM Configmgr Technical preview 1610 (not applicable to current branch).These Technical Preview updates are intended for use in a lab environment. For more information about technical preview and updates, please refer

New features you can try out with this version:

Boundary groups improvements for software update points

Hardware inventory collects UEFI information

Improvements to operating system deployment

Host software updates on cloud-based distribution points

Validate device health attestation data via management points

Use the OMS connector for Microsoft Azure Government cloud

For more information about these features ,read the documentation here

If you do not have lab to play around with Configmgr technical preview features ,download the baseline version of technical preview 1610 from .

To download and install this preview update 1701 ,launch the console ,go to administration node,cloud services ,updates and serving ,click on check for updates



Monitor dmpdownloader.log for downloading the content.


Refresh updates and servicing node in the console to see updates .


Look for easysetuppayload folder for download of files



select the update and click install update pack ,go with the options that it take you through.





For installation status ,monitor CMUpdate.log or use updates and servicing status in the console—>Monitoring node.



Close the SCCM console and open it to install new console version.

Technical preview update 1701 has following versions for:


Console Version:5.0.8482.1000

Site Version:5.0.8482.1000

Client Version:5.00.8482.1000



For Technical preview documentation read

Configuration Manager Resources:

Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager Technical Previews

Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager Forums

System Center Configuration Manager Support

Download the Configuration Manager Support Center

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