SCCM Configmgr How to get list of deployments set to ignore maintenance window and Reboot Outside maintenance window


Few months ago ,we had an issue with one of the deployment (it was software updates) that was deployed to collection with override service window due to emergency patch to be installed on the clients.

Deployment went fine and results were positive .All good ,but after few days ,some clients were added to the above deployed collection and you know what, as soon the clients are added to the collection ,they had new policy now and try to perform scan against the deployed software updates to check if they are already installed or not ,if not installed ,they try to install right away due to the setting ‘Override Service Window’ .What happens after the installation ? If the patch you have deployed to the collection require reboot ,it will check if there is any MW available to reboot ,if there is no maintenance window, it will reboot else wait for the maintenance window.

Unfortunately ,some of the newly added clients had maintenance window on different collection on the next few days ,which no one noticed and client REBOOTED .

For sure if there is any such unplanned reboot occur, you must be in position to explain with root cause and how are you going to prevent such issues in the future with RCA (Root cause analysis).

So a request came to identify/create report that will help us to identify how many such deployments (it can be application,package or software update ) do exist with OverrideServiceWindows and RebootOutsideOfServiceWindows options selected.

Have got some time to allocate for this request ,so am posting it here for you guys incase you need to identify such deployments (applications,packages,software updates,baselines) .

Below screen show the Deployment settings under User experience Tab with User notifications,deadline behavior and device restart behavior settings.



How to get list of deployments with OverrideServiceWindows and RebootOutsideOfServiceWindows selected ?

To get information about OverrideServiceWindows and RebootOutsideOfServiceWindows for deployments, you need to first identify the right SQL views in SCCM.

All Deployments information (packages,applications,baselines ,software updates) stored in view called: v_CIAssignment

So have used this view to retrieve the information and put it in a nice SSRS report with options to choose OverrideServiceWindows and RebootOutsideOfServiceWindows  Yes or No.

How to identify if the deployment is package or application or software update ?

Use the below numbers to identify the deployment or package type.

When 0 Then 'Package'
When 2 Then 'Application'
When 3 Then 'Driver'
When 4 Then 'Task Sequence'
When 5 Then 'Software Update'
When 7 Then 'Virtual'
When 257 Then 'Image'
When 258 Then 'Boot Image'
When 259 Then 'OS Package'

Below is the report how it looks like: you can choose the options what you want and based on the selection ,report will give you the deployment information.




As usual ,have posted the report into TechNet Gallery ,download it from Here ,upload it your SSRS reports ,change the data source and run it.

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  1. should the report show immediately the new situation after changing an Deployment? I have some automatic deployment rules with OSW=false and ROOSW=true. I changed the deployment to OSW=true and ROOSW=false. The report after minutes still shows the old situation. Another non ADR Deployment vanished from the report after changing the deployment without a problem. Is there a difference with ADR deployments? Thank you, Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      Nope ,after you change the properties of the deployment ,it will get update in database and Query takes from SQL. Although you change in deployment but report is not updated, it requires deep troubleshooting.
      Try to refresh the report after 5 min or so to see if that makes any difference.



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