SCCM Configmgr Failed to download prerequisite files due to Internet Settings not allow to download file


Working on setting up the new hierarchy for SCCM Configmgr Current Branch 1606. As part of installation process ,it ask for prerequisite downloads folder and for it ,I can either choose Download Required files (it will download from internet )or Use  previously downloaded files (download the files on any machine that has internet access and copy the files to your SCCM server). I choose download required files from internet as my server is has internet access through proxy IP.

After a while ,download of prereq’s failed ,which lead me to look at ConfigMgrSetup.log for the error details.

Log (ConfigMgrSetup.log)  snippet is below:


ERROR: WinHttpReceiveResponse failed 80072ee2

ERROR: Download() failed with 0x80072EE2

ERROR: Failed to download language pack manifest (0x80072EE2)

I open IE on my windows server 2012 R2 Box and try to browse the URL that is displayed in log to see if it works or not.

Below is what I see when I browse the URL and this is due to default Internet explorer settings .Download of any file is disabled (Default setting) on server 2012 R2.


In order to fix this ,we have to do some custom changes to Internet explorer settings to enable download file.

So I opened Internet Explorer options ,go to Security tab ,select Internet and Custom Level to enable the download File option but I see Custom Option is disabled with message : Some settings are managed by your system administrator (GPO policy)


This is due to the Group policy .My Group policy does not allow to perform any changes to the default IE settings.

What to do next next to download the files and allow my SCCM Server download files going forward ? Should I talk to AD team who control the group policy to allow custom level settings ? Nah .you don’t need to.

There is registry setting that control the above Custom Level Setting .If you make changes to that setting ,your IE setting Custom Level option is enabled and from there ,you can enable Download file.

Open the Registry on your server (you need to be administrator or run CMD as administrator)

Browse through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


change Security_HKLM_only value to 0 from 1.



Now open IE Settings ,Security Tab, Internet ,Go to Custom Level


Downloads –>file Download ,select enable.


Click Ok.

Now try to browse the URL ,you are good to download the files.

After a while ,GPO policy will refresh and the registry setting may change back to 1 but Enable download option in the security setting custom Level will not be changed .

Thanks to my Friend (Alpesh) for providing the quick Fix .

4 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr Failed to download prerequisite files due to Internet Settings not allow to download file"

  1. Hi Eswar,

    Need your help

    Same error i am facing, we are upgrading 1702 to 1706

    i am unable to download prereq's

    ERROR: Http request failed with HTTP_STATUS_PROXY_AUTH_REQ again
    ERROR: Download() failed with 0x80070197
    ERROR: Failed to download language pack manifest (0x80070197)

    1. Hi Manoj,
      This is due to proxy and authentication while downloading of files.
      can you check the settings and also the proxy ?If needed ,involve your network team who can guide you.


  2. Hello,

    I am trying to install SCCM 1702 on my virtual machine and i am getting error "Failed to download language pack manifest (0x80072EE7)". The above mentioned IE settings are already configured on my machine but still it unable to download the language pack. Can you please help me.


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