SCCM Configmgr comes with 3 branches of 1606 (Current Branch, LTSB and Tech Preview) from October 2016 that helps to upgrade from SCCM 2012 to CB 1606 directly

Great news for all us who are in SCCM Configmgr world. Microsoft just released 3 baseline builds  for SCCM configmgr 1606 in October 2016 i.e Current branch ,LTSB and Tech review  which means, you no longer need to use old baseline build V1511 to upgrade /Install your SCCM hierarchy from SCCM 2012 and install the Current branch updates using updates and servicing method.

In previous days ,If you want to migrate /Install new version of SCCM Configmgr current branch (V1606 for now) ,you must use the baseline build V1511 with supported ADK version of V1507 or V1511 and then install the current branch (1606) updates using updates and servicing method and then update the ADK version to V1607 to support windows 10 new builds.

But from now onwards,you can now upgrade Configuration Manager 2012/R2 directly to version 1606 of the current branch and start taking advantage of new management features, faster and easier updates, support for new Windows releases, and more.

This baseline can be used only to install New sites but not to upgrade from sites like V1511 and for that, you must use In console updates.

Below are 3 different branches of SCCM configmgr with build 1606 released .

1. Current Branch of SCCM


3.Tech Preview of SCCM

Each version has its own limitations and to know more about these limitations and which branch version you should use, please read

How to download SCCM configmgr Current branch build version (1606) ?

This build version (1606) can be downloaded from Volume Licensing Service Center (search for “System Center Config”), from Microsoft Evaluation Center and MSDN ,evolution of System Center 2016 (SCCM Version 1606 is now  is now included with System Center 2016 for download.)

The setup process of Configuration Manager (version 1606) allows you to choose to install either the current branch or LTSB.

Volume licensing:



Microsoft Evaluation Center (SC_Configmgr_SCEP_1606.exe):


System Center 2016 :




· Introduction to the Long-Term Servicing Branch of System Center Configuration Manager

· Licensing and branches for System Center Configuration Manager

· Which branch of Configuration Manager should I use?

· Supported Configurations for the Long-Term Servicing Branch of System Center Configuration Manager

· Install and Upgrade for the Long-Term Servicing Branch

· Upgrade the Long-Term Servicing Branch to the Current Branch

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