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Microsoft SQL Server view is a virtual table whose contents are based on the result from a SQL query. A view saved SQL Query which you can treat this as virtual table. A view consists of a set of named columns and rows of data. However, the contents of a view are not stored in the SQL database. The rows and columns of data come from tables or other SQL views referenced in the query that defines the view and are produced dynamically when the query is run. The query that defines the view can be from one or more tables or from other views in one or more databases.

When you install Configuration manager ,it creates lot of SQL views of following types:

  • Views against static (unchanging) tables.
  • Views that use data from tables with a dynamic (changing) schema.

For a dynamic schema, setup creates a number of SQL Server stored procedures that create the views. These stored procedures are run by Configuration Manager to refresh the views when the schema of underlying tables changes. Collection evaluation, discovery, and inventory data are examples of data for which new tables or new properties in existing tables might be created during the operation of a Configuration Manager site.

To create effective SSRS reports, you need to know the Configuration manager views available in SCCM Database to get the required data.

It is always helpful ,Handy and easy for you to write SSRS Reports ,if you know the value that you are looking (for ex: Network information) for is stored in which SQL view .

Through this blog post ,I would like to share the Excel spreadsheet that consists of Configuration manager 1602 (Current branch at the time of writing this blog post) views help you to identify the required information for your SSRS report.

I have also highlighted (Orange Color Background) the Views that are available only in 1602 but not in earlier versions (1511) of configuration manager so you know what’s new in 1602 current branch .


Due to the features/Updates added into Current Branch version 1602 ,the 4 interesting (atleast for me) SQL views added are listed below:





I will write a another blog post explaining about these 2 newly added SQL views that really helps to find about SCCM Console usage and Client BaseLine Status.

Download the SQL View documentation for SCCM Configmgr 1602 from TechNet Gallery.

For Other Configmgr version, you can download the SQL Views from Configmgr 1511 , Configmgr 2012 R2 SP1, Configmgr 2012

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