SCCM Configmgr 2012 Software update compliant non-compliant results for list of computers from collection for specific month

Few days ago ,I was working on request to get the software update compliance (compliant /Non-Compliant) for list of clients (Desktops or servers) from collection for specific month.I have posted lot of Configmgr 2012 SSRS reports on my blog software update compliant but this is something different compared to other reports.

Due to the monthly patching activity,sometimes you may get request to know the the patch compliance status for specific month on specific collection .If you are creating new Software update group every month,then you don’t have to look at this report as there are default and customs reports on my blog to know the compliance status for specific Group and specific collection.

For some reasons,if you are creating one software update group per quarter (having the 3 months updates into one group) then you may get a request to have a check at the patch compliance rate for any month (random check).

This post talks about compliance status for each client PC from specific collection with lot of important information about the client like OS, SUP scan location,missing patches,installed patches,number of days since last reboot ,hardware inventory etc.

This SSRS Consists of 2 reports 1) parent report to give overall information about what I  said above 2)linked report- list of missing patches which requires action from you.

This report has 2 prompts 1)Select the Collection 2) Enter the Year(YYYY)-Month(MM). 2nd report is linked to missing patches which has important column called ‘patches targeted’ so you know whether to deploy that specific patch or ignore them but the client says,they required. So its up to you whether you patch them or not.

This report is filtered with following conditions:

1.Severity (8,10)  –>critical and security updates

2.IsSuperseded –>No


4.CategoryTypeName –>UpdateClassification



How does the report looks like ?


Required column with blue color is linked to another report to see the list of updates for specific computer with specific duration let say:2015-05

Download the RDL files from TechNet Gallary ,upload to your SSRS Reports folder,change the Data source and run it.

Note: make sure you place both the reports in same folder to have proper linking.

11 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr 2012 Software update compliant non-compliant results for list of computers from collection for specific month"

  1. Eswar, I love this report! I was wondering if you had a version that would show *all* updates, not just for a particular month? I'm horrible at SQL, I tried to use yours as a template, but can't get it to come out right. I'd also love to only see deployed updates as someone else mentioned (again, I'm bad at SQL).

    Thank you!

        1. you mean to say ,the % per collection ? or the % per PC ? if it is % compliant per collection, it does not really make sense to me as you cannot calculate the % based on collection.The primary motive is to make sure the clients are compliant and must focus on troubleshooting them .

  2. I would like a report that only grabbed deployed software updates... All reports grab all updates even ones that we have not included in our update groups... Thoughts?

    1. there are couple of reports on my blog that shows if the patch is deployed to the client or not to identify if patch targeted or not .you can modify the istargeted value in the SSRS reports to filter it.

  3. Hi Eswar,

    Thanks for uploading reports and explaining how they work.
    I've a question for this report, I would like a report that lists all the servers in a collection and displays all their required updates. With this report you have to click on the required link to view for each server, but I would like it all on one page because then I could schedule a report for each collection. Otherwise I need to schedule a report for each server.,..
    Is that possible to modify the report to able to show it like that?


    1. you mean ,select the collection that list all the servers and their required updates count or list of updates ? if list of updates required by each server,you would endup with large number of rows which might not be helpful (now sure what you do with that) for ex:A collection consists of 100 servers and each server requires 10+ updates or even more ,so 100*100+ leads to 1000+ rows.
      you can download the linked report ,edit the Query ,add the collection using join ,refer the parent report how did i use join for collection .

      1. I mean list of updates, usually we have about 10 server per collection so it wouldn't be such a huge report I believe. This is because we send the report to our customers and I would like to avoid sending one report per server..
        I will try your suggestion, thanks!


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