SCCM Configmgr 2012 Report Application Deployment results for specific application for specific OU

Started rolling out MS office 2013 to Users few weeks ago.For this ,created collection to get computers with MS office 2010 ,created application for MS office 2013 upgrade and deploy to collection .This collection consists of computers from different departments,business units etc.

Colleague of mine asked me if there is way to get report for deployment status of specific application for specific OU. The reason for this requirement is that ,he wanted to get the deployment status per business unit (location)for the deployed application. OUs in AD are named with location names .

A single collection (MS office 2013 upgrade ) consist of computers from several business units and he wants to see the status per business unit for reporting.

The default report ‘All Application Deployment (basic)’ from software distribution—Application monitoring category works on specific collection and this collection contains the computers from different business units (Locations  which are nothing but OU’s ) did not work for this requirement. Must create new report to get the deployment status results for specific application for specific business unit.

So I started looking out for the Configmgr 2012 R2 SQL tables/sql views using the Configmgr 2012 R2 SQL views spread sheet .

I created report which can be used to find the deployment status of any application (but not packages) for specific OU.

Note: This report will list the computers on which the deployment ran or atleast the computer received policy about the deployment. For ex: An OU contains 200+ computers but the collection contains only 50 Computers from this specific OU so when you run this report,you may only see results for these 50 computers but not 200+. Also remember that,this report will not give you the error description for the computer when did the deployment is failed . It requires little more work to get the description from dll files in SSRS and will update this post when am done.

When you run the report ,you will have to select the OU ,you will see list of all OU’s from your AD .It may look ugly  with all OUs and sub OU etc but you can fine tune the SQL query this to get the child OU only.

Report is based on the Deployment status :

In Progress
Requirements Not Met

This report contains 2 sub reports 1)Overall deployment status results with nice pie chart for specific application for specific OU 2) sub report to get the list of computers with specific specific for the selected application .

Deployment chart summary for specific application :



Sub report to list computers with specific status for application for OU (click on the Pie chart to get list of computers with specific status):



Download the RDL files from TechNet gallery here ,upload the RDL files to your SSRS Folder (keep both these files in same folder as they are linked),change the Data source and run it.

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    1. yes you can modifiy the OU with collection .all you need is resource ID from v_fullcollectionmembership but there is already default reports for collection.


      1. Eswar,

        Thanks for all your support and your time you give for your blog's ... I am familiar with the built in report but it is a pain in the butt to get what you want and that is why I am looking for a easier straight forward method to get the info needed. If you can create something simialiarthat would be Awesome ...

        Once again Thank you for all you do !!!

        1. Hi,
          Here is the modified SQL query ,you can take this and customize in SSRS.

          SELECT distinct
          vrs.Name0 [Computer Name], vgos.Caption0 [OS],vrs.User_Name0 [User Name],
          IIf([EnforcementState]=1001,'Already Present',
          IIf([EnforcementState]>=1000 And [EnforcementState]<2000 And [EnforcementState]<>1001,'Success',
          IIf([EnforcementState]>=2000 And [EnforcementState]<3000,'In Progress',
          IIf([EnforcementState]>=3000 And [EnforcementState]<4000,'Requirements Not Met ',
          IIf([EnforcementState]>=4000 And [EnforcementState]<5000,'Unknown',
          IIf([EnforcementState]>=5000 And [EnforcementState]<6000,'Error','Unknown')))))) AS Status,
          FROM dbo.v_R_System AS vrs INNER JOIN (dbo.vAppDeploymentResultsPerClient
          INNER JOIN v_CIAssignment ON dbo.vAppDeploymentResultsPerClient.AssignmentID = v_CIAssignment.AssignmentID) ON vrs.ResourceID = dbo.vAppDeploymentResultsPerClient.ResourceID
          INNER JOIN dbo.fn_ListApplicationCIs(1033) lac ON lac.ci_id=dbo.vAppDeploymentResultsPerClient.CI_ID
          INNER JOIN dbo.v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS AS vgws ON vgws.ResourceID=vrs.resourceid
          INNER JOIN v_FullCollectionMembership coll ON coll.ResourceID = vrs.ResourceID
          INNER JOIN dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM AS vgos ON vgos.ResourceID = vrs.ResourceID
          WHERE lac.DisplayName='application name'


  1. Hi Eswar

    can you help

    On the Deployment chart for specific application per OU ...i dont get any application on the select the application

    On the List Computers Deployment results for Specific Application Per OU goes The 'OU' parameter is missing a value


    1. It works good for me and others as well. Do you have any applications at all and are they deployed to clients ? if you have ,can you check the apps from view called dbo.fn_ListApplicationCIs(1033) ,The prompt used in the report is pulling the information from this view.
      You can open the RDL file using report builder ,take the SQL query used in dataset called App and try the Query in SQL management studio.

      1. Hello,

        have you tested this ?

        for me it cannot work as it does not exist a relationship between the application and the software , how are you linking all together ?


        1. what do you mean by application and software ? This report only works for Applications but not for package(legacy). If you do not see any applications in the prompt, Open the RDL file using report builder or visual studio ,try the SQL Query used in App dataset into SQL Server management studio.
          Take a look at the SQL query to understand the linking and how it works.

          1. what i meant was , have you succeed on getting installation date of an application (and not software)
            for me database only tell you date of deployment (so same date for all collection members) but not date of the installation of that application
            my management want a report of apps install made by sccm per month , i am just not able to do that

            1. ok,got it. Nope,this report will not tell you when was the application installed since,Application deployment evaluation cycle will run as per the schedule and it always report success if install already .So the best way would be to query it from v_add_remove_programs if install date exist in this view.

    1. application deployment status report for collection based is available in default reports. have you looked at report --->All application deployments (basic) under category Software Distribution - Application Monitoring ?


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