SCCM Configmgr 2012 Hardware Inventory Error class name not found in the mapping table mp_hinv.log

working on some Inventory Customizations.I need to get some registry information into Configmgr Database.For this,I have to do MOF changes to both configuration.mof and hardware inventory from Default Client settings.

How to get the MOF Syntax ? I have used mark’s Regkey2mof tool .This tool will provide you both configuration.mof and clientsettings mof .

with the syntax,I got from the tool, done the changes in both the places (configuration.mof and default client settings—hardware inventory and import the mof file)

Monitor the log dataldr.log on the server,if the mof files are complied successfully or not.

Initiated machine policy retrieval on the target computer using script available here to load the policies and then ran hardware inventory action.

Monitor inventoryagennt.log on the client,after while,client sent the hardware inventory to assigned management point.

After this is done,I have been waiting to see the changes in Database but the table never get updated ,just empty.

So went ahead to look at Management point logs (Mp_hinv.log) ,I see below message.

Hinv: Mapping table marked for reloading.

Hinv: class name not found in the mapping table: ClientSW

Hinv: the report could not be processed completely due to unknown classes or properties - it may be obsolete


After spending so much time in troubleshooting this, I tried initiating a Full hardware inventory action using the script available here

Monitor logs,this time problem solved.

Do i need to initiate Full Hardware inventory on all the clients ? No. For Some Reason,MP could not able to process /Update the delta inventory information collected from the client into Database.

Once the Table updated with inventory information,delta inventory from rest of the clients will be updated automatically.

Solution : Initiating A Full Hardware Inventory on the client fix the issue.

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