Configmgr OnSearchComplete – Failed to end search job Error 0x80244022 WUAHandler.log

Recently,After the Path Tuesday, None of the clients which are reporting to Primary Site did not perform a successful Scan (clients beneath secondary Site are working Good) .This leads me to look at the software update logs on the client to see what is going wrong. Since most of the clients directly reporting to Primary are having issues ,so thought of checking/troubleshoot this issue on the Primary site itself .

Browse through the wuahandler.log from Drive:\Configmr\SMS_CCM\Logs,below is what I can see.


OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80244022.

Scan failed with error = 0x80244022.


To know the error code description about ‘0x80244022’ ,use error lookup from cmtrace (ctrl+L).image

Same as HTTP status 503 - the service is temporarily overloaded.

Source: Windows Update Agent

The 503 Service Unavailable error means, the problem is usually with the web site is down which is WSUS in this case.

Tried restarting the server ,followed by WSUS service and IIS service but issue still exist.

after the search on the internet,found this article ,leads me to check the application pool in IIS.I jump into IIS to check the status of WSUS application pool which was in stopped state .

After starting the wsuspool application,sync completed successfully.


Tried to initiate software update scan cycle on the client,monitor wuahandler.log


so why does the WSUS pool in IIS stopped ? that could be because of  memory limit.take a look at these blogs and

Hope it helps!

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  1. Just in case this helps someone else, I had this same error due to our Palo Alto firewall receiving an update that changed it's app filtering and thus prevented the client-server traffic from reaching SCCM/WSUS. TCP ports 80, 443, 8530, & 8531 are needed for this to work. In my case, the ports were technically open, but not for the specific application as defined by Palo Alto so I ended up turning off the application level filtering and just allowing all traffic on those ports.

        1. can you restart the WSUS IIS pool ? can you look at windowsupdate.log and get the URL of WSUS and try to access using browser if you can access it or not ?


  2. I ran into this same issue, i was wondering if you know why this happened? It would be good to know why it stopped so that i can prevent it in the future.



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