SCCM Configmgr 2007 Software Updates Stuck at Preparing for Installation Error sending DAV request HTTP code 404 status ‘Resource Not Found’

Second Tuesday of every month called Microsoft patch Day 🙂 Patches get released and configmgr* guys busy in testing ,moving them to production.

As usual, I have Downloaded the patches,added to the package,deployed to Distribution Points ,all returned success (Decompressed the PCK successfully).Until here Good.

While testing the patches on one of the server,it just stands at downloading /Preparing for installation for quite long but nothing happens.Huh ? (login with mstsc /admin)


ok,start with basic troubleshooting by looking at contentTransfermanager.log and datatransferservice.log because these two logs plays the role whether the client attempts to download content or not

ContentTransferManager.log--> logs when  client attempts to download content from the first distribution point listed in the content location.

DataTransferService.log --->Logs if a job has been created to download the files to the client or not.

Here is what i have from the logs:


Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 404, status 'Resource Not Found' ,

GetDirectoryList_HTTP('http://servername:8530/SMS_DP_SMSPKGH$/packageID/14eb1517-9a6f-461d-9dd6-656d876efbe4') failed with code 0x8004027e.




Error sending HEAD request. HTTP code 500, status 'Internal Server Error'


From the above logs,we know ,client is having issues while getting the required patch content from the Distribution Point.Client keeps trying for longer period but nothing happens.

take a look at IIS logs if it gives any further clues.

On windows server 2003,Logs located at  C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1


2013-10-10 00:02:25 W3SVC1 HEAD /SMS_DP_SMSPKGH$/PackageID/14eb1517-9a6f-461d-9dd6-656d876efbe4 - 8530 - SMS+CCM 401 1 0

From the above snippet,you can see an error code 401 which is access denied.

I then looked at the Update ID if it really exist in the package folder or not ? Browse H:\smspkgh$\packageID for content  14eb1517-9a6f-461d-9dd6-656d876efbe4 .

I can not find it though my package is successfully decompressed and sent the status message to central site.

I compared the patch package properties with working server properties,i see there are 100+ files missing.


something interesting to know ? why did this happened ? have no time now to troubleshoot why did this happened may be later but for now ,try to fix Preparing for Installation .

Solution that worked for me:

I don't know if there is hash value for each update that is created and downloaded by Configmgr but i gave a try to copy the missing Update IDs manually from working server to Issue DP.

Close the Configmgr software update applet (if you just close it it will be running in the background),to kill it,go to task manager,you see process called smscliui.exe ,end the process

Restart the SMS agent host service

open configuration manager applet from control panel,initiate software update deployment evaluation cycle  and software update scan cycle ,few min later you will see prompt asking to install the Windows updates if the deadline is not reached.

This time,all the required patches installed successfully 🙂

To confirm , if this solution works for all,logged into other server where in,it require different patches which are not available in DP,do a manual copy of the missing patches (which you can get from the contentransfermanager.log) from working server

Restart the SMS agent host,end the sccm client user interface,initiate the software update actions,it DID .

To avoid this issue on other clients,get the missing patch content from working server .

Hope you find this article useful.

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  1. Updates are installed on almost all computers/laptops from SCCM/WSUS server but in some of Computers updates are hanging/freezing. I need to delete those updates from users Laptops and will push updates again from SCCM/WUSUS.. This all updates are .NET Framwork 3.5, 4.0 and others. What to do to delete this updates from Users Computer...

    1. updates which are not installed/hanged or failed to update,you can not remove them since they are not will have to identify why they are not installed using sccm,are there any issues while downloading the content or what is the problem


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