SCCM Configmgr Script Tool Add Delete Refresh packages on Distribution Points

Various tools,scripts are available to add,delete and refresh packages(Standard software Packages only) on the Distribution Points but i feel this is easy to compare with others what i have seen so far in Configuration Manager 2007.

If you have single package to do any specific action like add,delete ,refresh ,you can do it Via Console but what if you build new site and you are required to add the bunch of packages in SCCM 2007,do it Via Console or Script based ?

I will be using tool called dpmod written by Bernard White in a batch script with the help of excel sheet.

This process requires 3 files to be in one folder. 1)dpmod.exe 2)add.bat and 3) run_add.bat

--> Download the installer file,Run it to get dpmod.exe.

--> For a single package to take action,you can do with command line:

dpmod.exe  -addpkg PRI00001 \\INCHDP01 -sdk INHYCM01


INCHDP01=Target site to receive Packages.

INHYCM01=Central Site where packages Created.

3.For multiple packages,you can not add line by line to the batch file as we did above

How to achieve it in simple way?

You can Download the excel sheet from here and change the values for PackageID,Target Site and Central /Primary Site to get batch script.


If you have multiple packages for multiple sites,you can add them to excel sheet .

Take the last column “batch script results” and paste it into add.bat

Create 3rd file which is run_add.bat with following command:

cd D:\Tools\Dpmod


add.bat >>.\add.log

You are done now. when you execute run_add.bat ,it will create log file for you with results which package has been added and which not.

You can also do the same for refresh package,delete package for multiple packages on multiple sites at one Go.

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