SCCM Configmgr report Advertisement Status Filter LastAcceptanceStatusTime

Status of Specific Advertisement can get from Default available report but what if you want to find the status of specific advertisement with its LastAcceptanceStatusTime greater or less than X days.

Full Details :

DECLARE  @olddate datetime
        ,@NullVal datetime
SET @olddate = DATEADD(day,-5, GETUTCDATE())

select adv.AdvertisementName 'Application', sys.Name0 'System', LastAcceptanceStateName 'Acceptance',
sts.LastAcceptanceStatusTime 'AcceptTime_GMT', sts.LastStatusMessageIDName 'ExecutionStatus',
sts.LastStateName 'ExecutionState',sts.LastStatusTime 'ExecutionTime_GMT',
from v_ClientAdvertisementStatus sts
join v_AdvertisementStatusInformation adt on adt.MessageID=sts.LastStatusMessageID
join v_Advertisement adv on adv.AdvertisementID=sts.AdvertisementID
join v_R_System sys on sys.ResourceID=sts.ResourceID
where ((sts.LastAcceptanceStatusTime  < @olddate) or (sts.LastStatusTime  < @olddate))
and  adv.AdvertisementName like '%Adobe_reader_Eng%' and sts.LastExecutionResult like '1603'
order by sys.Name0

Change the number of days and Advertisement Name.

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