SCCM Configmgr how to find package ID being sent to child sites from sender.log


Problem : Someone has Created package/Package’s (bulk) and distributed to sites/DP’s and these packages are in large size(more than 1GB).

You get notification from network Team or other teams about bandwidth issues.You may have to identify what packages are in process of sending to DPs and should also check how much % leftover to take further actions.(Stop sending the packages now and initiate it later sometime during night). You can also Use Senderanalyzer tool but sometimes packageID will be blank.

There are couple of logs and inbox folders to verify this.

Lets look at logs file first and then go with inbox folders to stop the sending files.

From sender.log :

when you create packages and send to child sites,package will be decompressed into .PCK and send which you can see from sender.log something like below :

Attempt to write 1048576 bytes to \\\SMS_SITE\2000OKA1.PCK at position 285944832

Wrote 1048576 bytes to \\\SMS_SITE\2000OKA1.PCK at position 285944832

Where KA1(2000OKA1.PCK) is sitecode from which the file is being generated and sending.

  2000O(2000OKA1.PCK) is the random generated number.



with the help of PCK file name,we can find what is the package ID from schedule.log.

Open Schedule.log on the server and search with PCK file name (2000OKA1) .You get something like below :

Send Request 2000OKA1 JobID: 00000018   DestSite: HY1   FinalSite:      State:  Pending   Status:            Action:    None   Total size:   3259244k   Remaining:   3259244k   Heartbeat: 21:41   Start: 12:00   Finish:   12:00   Retry:         SWD PkgID: ESK00006   SWD Pkg Version:   1


With this ,you can take necessary action whether you want to stop sending the package or continue it.

If you want to terminate /stop the files which are being transferred /Queue ,you can simply delete the job from and its corresponding send request files ( this is not recommended way of doing it).

More about Understanding Site to Site Communication in SMS/SCCM ,you can refer steve rachui’s blog

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