SCCM Package replication issue A newer version of package has already arrived, delete the replication file

Another interesting package replication problem.John Marcum posted solution on his blog with DB edit but that did not solve my problem though package issue is similar.

I have to do couple of more things to fix the issue what John said in his blog. Am not going to explain more about why it happens etc. If you interested,Read Johns Blog.

When you do Preload for Bulk number of PCK file,Sometimes you may not succeeded in decompressing all the files and arise issues like below from distmgr.log .

From the console,if you look at package status,you end up with Install pending .

The error message from distmgr.log :

“A newer version (21) of package xxx000C1 has already arrived, delete the replication file F:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\4EE5A01M.PCK for version 19”


Tried refreshing the package ,removing from DP and Reading ,did not help.

In order to fix this error,i have to do couple of things . 1) Edit the Database 2) Delete the files from,

Note : Directly editing the DB is not supported unless you really know what you are doing else do not proceed. and ensure you have Database Backup before you do this.

1) Edit DB to change the PCK Source Version to 0.

Update PkgStatus

Set Status = '2', SourceVersion = '0'

Where ID = 'P01005DC' and sitecode=P01' and type='1'

If this is child site and reporting to another Site,Do the same procedure until you reach Central site.

As per John Article,After refreshing the package,it did not succeded and it still gives me the same error .If John procedure works, Well and Good else Follow the below step to fix it.

2) Next delete the package files from,NAL,PKG) and for the specific package.

Now Refresh the package from central/Primary where it is created and monitor Distmgr.log file on problem site.

You see something like below after package refresh replication to problem site.

Updated Replicated package server 

Updated replicate package program info for package

Successfully processed .PKG file


Also you see something like below

The compressed files for package P01XXXXX hasnt arrived from the site P01 Yet, will try later


Preload the latest PCK file now using Preloadpkgonsite tool, You will see the decompress of the package

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