SCCM Configmgr Failed to insert SMS Package because SDM Type Content is not present in the CI_Contents table. Will try later

Recently I had major issue while replicating the patch packages to sites and they started experiencing the problem to process the patch information (CID and SDMpackages).

I am really not sure if this is because of recent MS patch released in October 2012,More info can be found here  ,due to this,all the revised updates (which you can see from WSUS console )went back downloaded=No from Downloaded=Yes .

Later month Ago,MS released fix for this to get the issue sorted out also some other functions more here

Below is the Error message which I get on problem site (distmgr.log) and unable to insert the Patch info into Database.The reason I tell you below why it is not.

Failed to Insert SMS package CEN00XXX because SDM type Content xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not prensent in CI-Contents Table,will try later


from objreplmgr.log :

Processing replication file F:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\Retry\Sitecode_66082.CID in retry.

SDM Package Name Site_B97EB0D1-435F-4CEC-88B7-5A1E7645B585/SUM_07f87a3d-23b3-4ec1-b35c-6461a82ded35 Version 2 has not arrived yet. Will retry

Failed to insert Object 07f87a3d-23b3-4ec1-b35c-6461a82ded35 from replication file F:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\Retry\Sitecode_66082.CID.

Problem site is looking for object 07f87a3d-23b3-4ec1-b35c-6461a82ded35 with version 2 which is not arrived.

Before you follow this guide,I would suggest you to read steve Rachui Blog explaining about Software updates and process Part1 and Part 2.Thanks to Steve for nice explanation on software updates and CI.

*************This post is more of Database Editing to fix the issue and no warranties provided. If you don’t know what you are doing /without enough information,you are at Risk**************

To check how many CIDs left over to process, check it from inbox folders . Path \Inboxes\\incoming\retry

If the CID files are processed max number of times,they are moved to retry\bad folder.

To get all SDMpackage names,try to filter the log with word “SDM Package Name” ,you may get bulk number of IDs out of which some of them are Repeated.

Copy the SDM package names to Excel and remove duplicates.

Copy the results to excel and remove the duplicates. You now have all SDM packagenames.

I have something below from the log/Excel after removing duplicates.




If you want to know more about what it says,Please Refer Steve blog.

Let’s have a look at Database on problem site and its parent site to see what information they contain and are they really out of sync ?

I take an example with central,Parent and child

Take the first ID :0d9f9145-9e83-4c44-a8d5-9decbe25a586

If I run the below query on central DB ,I get below results :

select * from CI_SDMPackages WHERE (SDMPackageName like '%0d9f9145-9e83-4c44-a8d5-9decbe25a586%')


Problem Parent :clip_image006

Problem site :clip_image008

Look at problem site, it still has version 1 and IsDeleted value is not set to 1 and it does not have latest Version =2.

How do we fix it ?

We will change the LastModifiedData and set Isdeleted=1 for these error Objects on central and let the sync happens with child sites.

Set the DateLastmodified on Central DB:

UPDATE CI_ConfigurationItems SET DateLastModified = GETDATE() WHERE CI_UniqueID in (




UPDATE CI_SDMPackages SET DateLastModified = GETDATE() WHERE (

SDMPackageName like '%0d9f9145-9e83-4c44-a8d5-9decbe25a586%' OR

SDMPackageName like '%cc5d5d63-32bb-4593-bd6f-3b61ba97707f%' OR

SDMPackageName like '%f4ba81de-c60b-4e2f-9589-9cc888bc09da%' )

Run the below query on problem site to Fix isdeleted=1 for the older version and let the current version sync.

update ci_sdmpackages

set IsDeleted = 1


SDMPackageName like '%0d9f9145-9e83-4c44-a8d5-9decbe25a586%' OR

SDMPackageName like '%cc5d5d63-32bb-4593-bd6f-3b61ba97707f%' OR

SDMPackageName like '%f4ba81de-c60b-4e2f-9589-9cc888bc09da%' )

and SDMPackageVersion = '1'

Let’s wait for couple of hours to sync the modified data with problem site.

So here is the outcome on problem Site after couple of hours


Now move the .CID file back to\incoming folder from retry folder to process it and monitor objreplmgr.log if that succeeds or not.

Note :This procedure is recommended only if you have less objects failed rather going with synchild/.sha that generates huge traffic .If more objects failed to process, go with synchild/.sha non-office hours.


Detailed information available here on

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