SCCM Report Sites with WSUS Sync status

Having multiple sites and checking the status of WSUS synchronization on all servers tedious job and child sites must sync with its parent sites to ensure right compliance levels from clients.

This report will give you the status of WSUS server with Right content version.

When SCCM sync with Microsoft Updates,Content version will get increment to +1 and it passes this information to its child sites to sync with right version.


    US.SiteCode, S.ServerName, S.SiteName, US.ContentVersion, US.SyncTime
    update_syncstatus US, v_Site S 
    where US.SiteCode=S.SiteCode and US.contentversion <@Version


Prompt for @Version :

SELECT      distinct ContentVersion from

4 Responses to "SCCM Report Sites with WSUS Sync status"

  1. Hi Eswar, Since being an newbie could you please explain how do i create a prompt value (or) specifically how can i fetch version details through query itself without giving an prompt?

    1. Hi Praveen,
      I do not have any blog post on 'how to create prompt value in SSRS' but if you have any variables used in the SQL report, prompts will be automatically created in tools that you use like BIDS,report builders etc and all you need is to go properties of the prompt and choose what is needed.
      You can refer these post and



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