SCCM Site Hierarchy with reporting sitecode report

Sometimes I find Difficult to locate specific site from the Hierarchy(mostly if you are in large environment with many nodes) until you know where they attached to.

I use the report data most of the times as reference to locate where the site resides based in its reporting site (primary) and primary site reporting to which.

C.servername,b.SiteCode,C.SiteName,C.ReportingSiteCode, C.InstallDir,
Case b.Status
When 0 Then 'OK'
When 1 Then 'Warning'
When 2 Then 'Critical'
Else ' '
End AS 'Site Status',
Case C.Status
When 1 Then 'Active'
When 2 Then 'Pending'
When 3 Then 'Failed'
When 4 Then 'Deleted'
When 5 Then 'Upgrade'
Else ' '
END AS 'Site State'
From V_SummarizerSiteStatus B
Join v_Site C on B.SiteCode = C.SiteCode
join v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK LD on c.Servername=LD.SystemName0
group by C.servername,b.SiteCode,C.SiteName,C.ReportingSiteCode,C.InstallDir,b.Status,C.Status
Order By B.SiteCode

Hope It helps!

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