Hyper-v Share folders between Host and Guest Operating System

Unlike VMware WorkStation or Virtual PC(Shared folders) ,Hyper-v do not have Easy way to share Host Machine Shared Folders unless you do some Configuration Smile.

In this post,will go through how to Access Your Host shared folders(Physical Machine) from your Guest OS (Hyper-v) Machines and Vice Versa (Guest to Host).

I am running Hyper-V on my Windows 8 machine and it is Great.

After you install Hyper-V,You must have Created Internal Virtual Switch Via Virtual Switch Manager to be used only for Your Lab computers.

If you want to have Internet connection on Lab machines ,you can add one more virtual Switch in addition to above local network with External and use your local Network Card.



As you see from above,I have 2 Virtual Switches one used only to communicate within the lab computers and other is to provide Internet connection where ever is needed.

But for sharing you do not need to have Internet Virtual Switch . It is only to get internet.

Once you are done with creation of Virtual Switch with Internal,You will find this from your Physical machine(Host) network connections.


You see from above CM12Lab .

Open the CM12Lab network Connection. go to Properties—> Click on Sharing Tab


Select “Allow other network Users to connect though this Computer Internet connection”

Now we have to configure the IP Address .

Go to Networking Tab,Click on Internet Protocol Version 4. Provide the IP address which is used with in the Lab machines Range.

I use 192.160.10.X series. So I used and DNS address is Lab Machine Domain Name.


Click on Ok ,Close.

We are almost done .

Now Test it how it works :

Note :IF your windows Firewall is Enabled on Host Machine,Try to allow File and Print Sharing in windows Firewall else you will fail to access.

Access the above Given IP from your Hyper-V Machine ,it will ask for Authentication which is your Host machine credentials.


You are done ! I see my Share folders from my Host Machine. This way I can easy access my shared folders from Hyper-V Machines.

You can do the same to access files from your Guest OS to Physical Machine.

Until Next !

8 Responses to "Hyper-v Share folders between Host and Guest Operating System"

    1. what do you mean by external network ? if you have created share on your host ,you can simply access it from your guest OS (inside your hyper-V).


  1. I did check smsts.log it shows that os partition is not active and its not supported. I have selected external network to communicate my nw share..i dint add any nw drivers . i will try as u said in previous mail and get back to u...... Thanks for ur reply...

  2. Hi Eswar,

    Thanks for your post related to share folder on Hyper-v. i need small clarification. i have Hyper-v virtual lab which consists of SCCM server and Domain controllerand SCCM server is installed successfully. now i am trying capture the win7 image.i have created capture media in sccm but i have got an error while capture the machine.

    Fyi, i have only one partition(C:120GB(VHD)) in my win7 lab machine

    do we need to configure anything before capturing the image ?

    Please find the SMSS.Log below:

    FindAdapter( pszPropertyName, pszPropertyValue ), HRESULT=80004005 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\osdcore\netwmiadapterconfig.cpp,64)]LOG]!>

    1. you will have to check smsts.log for more information.Did you add the Netowork Drivers ? when you are on WinPe,press F8,try ipconfig if you get any information or not

  3. The only issue that I with this setting is that if you are using a computer(host) for which company policy does not allow internet sharing. Also taking the following scenario:
    a) VM DC IP
    b) VM guest1
    If you create an InternalSwitch using Internal and assign an IP such as with subnet leaving everything else blank, then you can share folder one way, but not both.
    Any ideas
    Thank you

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