Troubleshooting SCCM Configmgr Packages using Sender Analyzer


If you are in Large #SCCM / #Configmgr 2007 Environment with multiple site dispersed geographically and you try to distribute the packages to site .So what happens next ?

Do you keep looking at logs(sender.log) to troubleshoot whether my site is sending any data to child or not ? If so How long would you look at the log Smile ?

Our Friend (Dan) has developed Simple application that would read in and construe the sender.log and display all the details in a nice readable format.

You would require to enter the Parent Site server name (to list all the packages which are sending) and Sitecode.

Let say You have Central(CEN) and Primary(P01—Child of CEN) and Secondary (S01—Child of P01) and you created package in Central site and distributed to P01 and S01 site.

You now need to track what is going on at S01 Site.For this provide details about P01 site name and site code,it gives all information to which site the information is sending.

Here is snap from Andrew Blog How it looks like.


Download the Application from Here

Where should I Run this application ? To run this application,you must have access to SCCM and you can run this app from any member server or workstation(ensure you have good network speed from the machine to connected server as it connects to the server and read the sender.log).

For full Details about the Application,visit Dans Blog :

For Any Questions /Feedback ,Please get in Touch with Dan at this Blog.

Thanks to Dan for developing such a nice application.

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