File Types Generated during the SCCM Site-Site Replication

we see lot of file extensions from inbox folders while replicating information to Child sites .what really these files do and  what information do they carry ?

This post is basically talks about what  type of files generated during site-Site Replication. Sometimes I wonder that the file Type is when working with replication issues and see if it requires any attention.

It might help you in understanding about replications files types.

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File Type description


Status message file. Generated on clients to report different events.


File generated by Distribution Manager, which contains a package server list.


Master site control file


Proposed site control file from Hierarchy Manager.


Site control file


Proposed site control file from other services, such as Inbox Manager or License Metering


Inventory data file for inventory to be sent to parent site


“Done with sending” – created by sender in when it completes a sending.


Compressed instruction file for advertisements designates what advertisement goes with what collection.


Instruction file, received from another site and is compressed and evaluated to determine which component should process the package file.


Job file to be processed


Lookup file that describes which recipients (such as GUIDs) are to receive the instruction file


Network Abstraction Layer (NAL) file that describes where to find the package contents.


File name for decompressed instruction file, if there is no associate package file


Package file to be sent to another site


Package file received from another site


Package file that describes the package contents


Package creation notification to Distribution Manager


Replication file that does not require transaction processing


Replication file that requires transaction processing


File extension for plain instruction


Send request file generated by Scheduler. Used to notify Sender of scheduled replication jobs


Renamed.srq file. Sender accomplishes the rename when it begins active replication of the job


Status file from client and server components


Temp file mask for all instructions and package files.

Note : This content is taken from Configmgr2007 Site-site replication document from Technet blogs. To know more about Replication look at here

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