Failed to open WMI Namespace virtualapp.log

Sometimes pushing app-v Application doesn't work on some machines and when looked at virtualapp.log file,you will see something like below.

Failed to open the WMI namespace [root\microsoft\appvirt\client]” from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\Logs\VirtualApp.log.

What does the above Error says ? The WMI namespace was not created during the install of the App-V Client.

You can verify it by typing wmimgmt.msc from your RUN command .


If You want to connect to Remote Computer ,try below.


Right click on the WMI Control and select properties, click on the Security Tab:


Go to Root—>Microsoft ,you see appvirt is missing from it.


So ? How do you get it back ? Reinstalling the app-V client by uninstalling it and install again ?

I do the other way ,here it is:

Identify a Machine which is base build( not a machine setup for a user) and go to wmimgmt properties as we did above ,and select properties>go to the Backup/Restore Tab.


Click on “Back Up Now…” It asks you where to store and the file extension will be .rec

You can either take this file into Pen Drive or via network share onto failed machine.

Now Go back with your failed machine and click on backup/Restore to restore the backup file.

Now Open the WMI snap in again and confirm you can see “APPVIRT” under root-->Microsoft

Restart the computer once to take the changes effect (Ensure you restore the backup using admin account).

Hope it helps!

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