Notes on SCCM 2012 Hierarchy sites Central,Primary and secondary sites

Central administration site:

The central administration site coordinates intersite data replication across the hierarchy by using Configuration Manager database replication.

it has the following differences from a central site in Configuration Manager 2007:

  • Does not process client data.
  • Does not accept client assignments.
  • Does not support all site system roles.
  • Participates in database replication

Primary site :

    Manages clients in well-connected networks.

    Primary sites in Configuration Manager 2012 have the following differences from primary sites in Configuration Manager 2007:

    • Additional primary sites allow the hierarchy to support more clients.
    • Cannot be tiered below other primary sites.
    • No longer used as a boundary for client agent settings or security.
    • Participates in database replication.

Secondary site :

Controls content distribution for clients in remote locations across links that have limited network bandwidth

Secondary sites in Configuration Manager 2012 have the following differences from secondary sites in Configuration Manager 2007:

  • SQL Server is required and SQL Server Express will be installed during site installation if required.
  • A proxy management point and distribution point are automatically deployed during the site installation.
  • Secondary sites can be tiered to support content distribution to remote locations.
  • Participates in database replication.

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  1. If you dont mind could you please explaine
    Good network bandwidth means what will be the range of data transfer
    what bandwidht can consider GOOD
    And below what range can consider bad

    1. its all depends on the organisation what they have and i would say below 100MB or so would consider slow.You can contact network guys to get more about the bandwitdth what your organisation have ?

    1. its straight forward.Primary site is used to manage clients which are well-connected means with Good network bandwidth but where as secondary sites are used to manage clients in low-bandwidth networks


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