Find Product ID for MSI applications

I was thinking to share something interesting with you all and it is very useful at times when you are dealing with installation or Uninstallation of applications ,but due to other priority works,i could not post it early.

We recently started application deployment (running on SCCM 2007) for new client and lot of applications are msi without sms /PDF (automation file) file and we follow the process of collection creation based on product ID.

we have package available with us without product ID but to know the product ID of the application either we have to edit the package using packaging tool or  install it on computer and go to registry to find the product code but what if there are lot of msi applications that needs to be deployed.

Here is lovely script(shared by colleague) that creates a notepad file and gives you necessary information about the application including product code etc.

download the below zip file ,extract it and drop the msi file into VBscript file.It will prompt a window (if) and click on YES then you should see a notepad with product code and other information.

Download this script to find the product ID for MSI.

Try it ,it simply awesome :).

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