How to set computer information as wallpaper to your desktop

Here is the simple script which can be set your computer information as your desktop wall paper .

Download the file from to c:\BGInfo(in mycase it is).Extract and doubleclick on Bginfo.exe.Once you open ,you will see a lot of features on your computer which should displayed to onto select the required fields and delete remaining and go to File--->click on save as bginfo1.bgi on to c:\BGInfo.

Now create a batch script called bginfo.cmd with the following command lines.

@echo off
Title Sets the computer information as desktop background
c:\BGInfo\BGInfo.exe c:\BGInfo\bginfo1.bgi /timer:0 /accepteula

once this is done,execute the batch script which you have created now and you should be able to see the desktop wall paper like below and this can be applied to computers as Group policy even.

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