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  1. i was doing desktop support job but now i got to work with sccm team and i wanted to be good sccm admin in this, but just now started in office with unhealthy client mgmt.. can u guide me how to start to learn..
    and ur WMI fix blog helped me thankuuu

    1. The only thing i can tell you is monitor the logs and identify the cause if that can be something to do with configuration on sccm site or ports issue or wmi... What else?

  2. Hi Eswar, I´m From Brazil and I would like to say THANKS...your tips helped me a LOT.
    I´m a newbie in SCCM world and your help makes the difference.

    1. I dont have any specific interview questions and difficult to predict what the interviewer will ask.
      All i would say is,start reading the technet documentation also practice it in the have plenty of guides step by step available on the internet and its all yours.

  3. Hi eswar,

    Again ravi here.. hope you doing fine.. Am here with the weird kind of issue where i require your kind help to resolve this.
    My site is having 54 Secondary sites and same is configured as distribution points. Now am trying to push monthly patches on the same. but facing issue like patches not getting copied to DP's.checked all related logs like dist.log and all but not finding any error to check and troubleshoot. Status it is showing source version 0 targeted 1 and installed 0. In previous month and all it was like source version 1 targeted 1 and installed 1.As i mentioned earlier i recently started working on sccm and dont have any kind of support. so please help ASAP. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Eshwar,

    Planning to integrate SCCM and service now. Have below scenarios, could you please suggest the best forum or help to automation:

    Please refer below video:

    My Scenario is almost same but instead of provisioning or creating new VM's. we want user to use existing physical machine from the domain and also user can install software like QTP and IE browser by its own.

    Thanks-Jitendra Singh

  5. Hi Eswar,

    It is possible that two primary site servers which are in different domains ( No Trust Relation Between domains) can communicate CAS ? and communication between primary site servers?

    1. AFAIK, without any trust relationship,they will not be able to communicate each other .btw,where is your CAS located ? CAS part of one of the domain ? or different domain ?

  6. Hi eswar.. thanks a ton.. first query worked for me.. but second query is for 2012 version but am working in 2007 and i dont know to use xml.. please recheck and help me soon.

  7. HI eswar,

    Am new to this blog and first of all thank you for creating a forum like this and helping many people like us on SCCM. Now coming to my introduction i just started working on sccm 2007 in my organization. Since i just started am assigned with lots of reporting task which takes almost day to complete same. i come accross your blog and found very interesting queries on patch compliance. My requirements is

    * Total number of clients and total number of resources in a collection. (currently am having 62 collections and i click on every collection and show count option to take the count which is time consuming. so please help me with some queries to generate no of clients and resources in all collections)

    * Patch compliance report for specific deployment and for all collections ( again am extracting each report for every collection and taking percentage of compliant through enforcement status for deployment. what i am looking for is every month we creating a update list like nov 13 and deploying it on each collection. so everytime i need to select that nov 13 collection name and extract the report for each.)

    I tried my best to explai what exactly am looking for. Hope u will understand and help me with queries or better way to manage efficiently and quickly..

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi Eswar,
    Good evening.
    I have a training to attend on SCCM 2012 but I am a beginner for SCCM.
    I don’t know what, how of SCCM
    Could you please suggest/Provide me any good website/Study material to refer before attending the training session
    Thanks & Regards,
    Gulshan Bhatia (

    1. i would suggest to go with TechNet website to understanding the basic and follow for step by step guides.
      just do search on the web about will find lot of things and videos about it
      It is basically deployment tool .

  9. After Migrating / Installing thousands of Windows 7 Systems, suddenly starts to Get errors on Updates Hanging on Task Sequence during installation of OSD. Not abel to find which updates it is looking for.. WSUS is working fine without any errors. After killing process, reboot computer and seen that it not installed many applications. Took out from the Domain and mannually install Windows updates from Internet (not from WSUS). System starts to work fine.

    Request you to give some focus what steps need to do..

  10. Hello Eswar,

    I've few questions on SCCM 2007 where I have got stuck . For a client which is discovered,when I go to resource explorer of that client >> Netwrok adaptor properties, I don't get and ip address listed against this client. This is reproducible in many clients but not in all. In most of the clients it shows a valid IP. I cannot indivually go to each client with this issues as there are 100's of them. Can you please advise?


    1. This information will come from DDR.You may create collection for the list of computers who has blank IP address and try DDR on them.

  11. Hi Eswar,

    Thanks for the info. Can you please provide any docs on application packaging. I am currently working as SMS client end support and not on SCCM console. I am trying to gain knowledge and apply for SCCM administrator. can you provide some tips and if possible let me know if there are any openings as fresher or lever 1/2.

    1. i do not have any docs on application packaging but i would suggest you to look at for all application packaging stuff..
      to get good information on sccm,i would suggest to first read and understand technet document and lot of videos area avilable on net and even my blog if you are interested to learn system center. Refer for step by step document and start implemeting in lab....
      also participate in forums and communities to know the more and get the work arounds..

  12. Hi eswar , meny thanks for u r responce ....presently i am working on SCCM ( only patching ), I want to know about OSD ,App deployment, and SCOM etc

  13. Hi eswar , this is sandeep from hyd, i am very much interested for learning system center products, please suggest me witch institute is best for system center products .....please share me your contact details

    1. Hi sandeep,
      am not 100% sure about training institues in system center products in India but heard that,lot of training institues are avilable in Hyederbad on Windows .Are you currently working with any of these system center products ? Or New to this world.
      I will be avilable on


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