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SCCM report Computers with more than 1 partition

Here is nice report to identify computers which are with more than one partition installed on to them excludes external drives. select CS.Name0 as [Computer name],        MAX(OU.System_OU_Name0)as [OU],        CS.UserName0 as [Last loggedon User],        FCM.Sitecode ,        OS.Caption0 AS [OS],        OS.InstallDate0 [OS Installed Date],        WS.LastHWScan [Recent Reported to sccm]      from ... Continue Reading >>


SCCM configMgr inventory report like Asset number Serial number Manufacturer Model Processor IP Address

Long back i posted report  http://eskonr.com/2009/12/sccm-report-for-computers-asset-information-including-sn-number-and-model-name/ to get computer information like computer name,Serial number,Processor,Physical memory,service Pack,computer model etc In this post ,i have modified the report little bit from previous post to add more fields that gives you lot more information about the computer . It is  very simple and straight forward report that just use... Continue Reading >>

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